Application for EPFL students

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Who can take these MOOCs for credits?

Bachelor students who are in their third year. They have to fulfil the same requirements as for the Erasmus mobility program and in any case, get approval of the section. Master students in their first or second year, who have shown good to excellent performance in their bachelor program (equivalent of 4.5 or above at EPFL bachelor) and in any case upon approval of the section. For Bachelor and Master students: Please bear in mind that you can take a maximum of 6 credits in MOOCs from other universities in your program. PhD students can take MOOCs for credits upon approval by their program director or professor. See EPFL Doctoral school regulations here


  1. Choose a MOOC from the list of available courses, Bear in mind that you can only take a maximum of 6 credits in MOOCs from other universities throughout your program.
  2. Check whether the exam date or exam period of the MOOC doesn’t clash with your on campus exams or is otherwise unfeasible
  3. Fill in the application form and sign the consent to sharing personal data with host university
  4. Contact the section director of your section to receive approval
  5. Send the approved application form to EPFL CEDE for coordination with host university

and further:

  • If you are selected for the MOOC, you will receive all information regarding the coursework and the exam
  • Take note of the add/drop period, or the deadline to withdraw from the course without consequences
  • The exam is arranged by the EPFL CEDE in compliance with the host university exam regulations
  • As an EPFL student, you are eligible for only one exam seating per course session
  • Your work is graded by the host university
  • The host university will send a transcript of your accomplishments to the EPFL
  • Upon receipt of the transcript, the EPFL will acknowledge the credit equivalent
  • Appeals and complaints have to be filed at host university. EPFL CEDE can support this process.