International alliance of top universities

Build powerful collaborations through the Virtual Exchange Program

Four principles

Mutual Trust. Modest Effort. Different Timing. Same Exam. These are the fours principles that have guided the agreements between partners.

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One agreement

The exchange of online courses for credits between partner universities is governed by one concise agreement.

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A consortium of top universities

Recognizing that ideas transcend nations and that international immersion is essential, the the Virtual Exchange Program enables students to join a global community of learning and to earn course credits. To establish a balanced exchange, the consortium is homogenous in terms of academic standards, reputation and rankings. All participating members have developed an open and online strategy. At the same time, we recognise that our exchange program is new, undergoing continuous improvement. Participating universities are at different stages of program availability and course offerings, with more courses currently in development for the future.

The current active partners

Original signatories, no longer active