Benefits for teachers

Enrich your global classroom and extend your expertise to engaged students from top institutions

photo of teacher and students behind laptop

The Virtual Exchange Program (VEP) embodies an online version of a global university. An agreement between several universities that governs the exchange of online courses and students between these universities. Students can take online courses from any partner in the VEP, partake in the exam at their own campus, and have the credits for that course count towards their Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree. The VEP increases enhances the flexibility for teachers in time and offers opportunities for international collaborations.

Global recognition

My course is recognised and promoted globally through top level partner institutions.

Increased visibility as thought-leader

My work and status as world-class expert and lecturer is enhanced by being portrayed on a global platform for the wider public.

Broader cohort of students

As a teacher in the VE I gain access to a broader, engaged cohort of international students who are interested in the specific field I can offer expertise in.

Innovation front-runner

I am at the forefront of exciting new developments in the field of education.

Empowerment and achievement

The online format gives me new instruments to engage students globally and promote optimal learning.

Network of elite teachers

Portfolio development leading to new initiatives/joint ventures makes me part of a thematic network of elite teachers.